Rising Damp Treatment and Services

1. What is rising damp?

Rising damp is a term used to describe the process of dampness from the ground rising up from the base of the wall.

2. Identifying rising damp

  • Damaged internal decorations, discoloured paintwork.
  • Damaged plaster blistering and salt eruption.
  • Rotting skirting floor timbers wet rot decay.
  • Isolated damp patches

3. Causes of rising damp

The main causes of rising damp are an absence of a damp course or failure of the existing damp course. In addition the existing damp course may be bridged by external ground levels and internal and external render or plaster

Hillcrest rising damp survey

Our surveyors will carry out a detailed inspection to establish any need for rising damp treatment and;

  • Eliminate other causes of damp such as condensation or penetrating damp
  • Provide an estimate for any necessary re-plastering
  • Check timbers for signs of decay

Treatments for rising damp

Installation of a new chemical dpc by means of low pressure injection to prevent movement of dampness up through the wall.

Replacement of defective salt adulterated plaster with waterproof sand and cement render and setting.

All works are carried out under the strict supervision of Hillcrest and on completion a TEN OR  THIRTY YEAR GUARANTEE is issued.

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